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Tech-Savvy Fertility Awareness Tools & Why You Should Become Your Own Menstrual Cycle Expert

One of the main goals for us here, at Nutrition Decrypted, is to empower women to become their own health advocates and help them to understand their own bodies better. We want women to hear their body’s story and decode the messages it sends so it is no longer a Morse code of annoying symptoms but rather a useful tool to understanding what is going on in their body.

If you are one of a lucky few, your body functions at an optimal rhythm and you may not even pay attention to how things change throughout your menstrual cycle. Most of us, however, did not win the ordinary and unremarkable menstrual cycle lottery and get frequent visits from premenstrual headaches, painful cramps, mood swings that beat any latest roller coaster ride at the hippest amusement park, that feeling of: “I am so hungry, I could eat a horse – oh and make it a dark chocolate horse please!” and the epic “feeling like a sausage in its casing” and “looking three months pregnant” (read “bloating SOS”), fatigue, and finding yourself walking into the room thinking “what did I come into this room for?” (the “Doorway Effect” (Lawrence and Peterson, 2016) aside).

You may have heard that a “normal” cycle consists of 28 days in length and with approximately five days of bleeding. This is a textbook period – a cycle on its best behavior. But lets face it, most of us are uniquely rebellious (or rebelliously unique – however you like it best) and do not want to fit into the textbook definition. And who decided on the definition of “normal” anyway? Instead of normal, we like the optimal function better and that is why we like you to become an expert of your own cycle and master the art of decrypting your body’s code.

Whether your goal is to get pregnant, avoid pregnancy or learn more about your body, believe it or not, there’s an app for that! The fertility awareness relates to both getting pregnant and avoiding pregnancy. Although there is some

controversy surrounding the fertility awareness method (FAM) as a tool for family planning and this entire topic is outside of the scope of this post, the general idea is that by diligently tracking the body temperature and the cervical secretions, a woman can understand her fertility better and team up with her own body to achieve the desired fertility goals.

KINDARA app makes it very easy to collect the appropriate data and use it for fertility charting in a very intelligent and comprehensive way. All you need is a basal body temperature (BBT) thermometer and if you are super techy, the creators of Kindara got you covered with a smart and precise thermometer that syncs with an app.

The thermometer goes by a cute name WINK but do not underestimate its powers. It measures the BBT with precise accuracy and automatically records it into your KINDARA app chart up to 4x speedier.




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