I’M DANA {daa-nuh}

A doctor of clinical nutrition and investigative functional nutritionistdedicated to decoding your health puzzle together with you, one piece of evidence at a time so you can become empowered and be your own health advocate.

What does it all mean?


It means I’m licensed and certified by the highest and most rigorous industry standards.


It means I’m obsessed with helping your body function at its optimum. I’m so obsessed that not a day goes by where I’m not learning something new about your body. It means you get the highest quality help you can get when it comes to your body.

It means I care.
More than anything.


My clients come to me exhausted with frustration for trying everything and still no clue as to what’s going on inside them.
I hear you.


The frustrated sigh as you tell me your doctor said ‘you’re okay, your labs are normal’ when you know you’re not okay.


I understand you.
The frustrating diagnosis you’ve been given that hasn’t helped change your body and you still don’t feel right. Together, we’ll look at your individual genetic makeup and potential to crack the code to your health issues, and finally get you and your body on the path to optimal health + vibrancy.


Together, we’ll create your unique Body Instructional Manual based on your personal and individual makeup and experiences.


Yes, you CAN instruct your body to heal and believe it or not the food you eat provides information to the operating process (nutrigenomics is in!). It doesn’t matter how many decades you’ve clocked in feeling as you are living in someone else’s body, we can change that and get you performing at your best as you create the next chapters of your life’s book.


Together, We’ll Enhance Your Health And Wellbeing Through Optimal Nourishment Based On Your Body’s Bio-Individual Make-Up And Needs.


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