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By now you are likely aware of the importance and the benefits of probiotics (the “good” bacteria) for your health. You may even be taking them to keep your digestive wellness in a topnotch shape and may know that they are benefitting your skin health from within as well.

If you are on a probiotics kick, you are also likely eating clean and feeding your body the proper nutrients. After all, we all know that healthy skin comes from within.

Just like your gut protects you on the inside from the external environment full of foreign invaders in a form of toxins, chemicals, free radicals, “bad” bacteria and other pathogens found in water you drink, the food you consume, and the air you breathe; your skin is the outer or the external protective organ shielding you from the external intruders. And when things are imbalanced internally, your skin reflects the internal troubles putting you on notice with manifestation such as acne, uneven skin tone and/or texture, wrinkles, fine lines, redness, irritation and uncomfortably sensitive skin. To put it simply:

Your skin is a mirror to your gut health

Your gut (or intestinal microbiome) and your skin are intimately related. In fact, your skin’s microbiome (or “complex microbial ecosystem”) is even higher in diversity than that of the gut microbiome. Some researchers call the human skin a “virtual zoo of bacteria” and compare the gut microbiome to a rain forest due to the diversity of the organisms residing there (Grice et al., 2012). Up until recently, the science that only 10% of your cells are cells with human DNA and the rest belong to the microbiome – yes, you read it correctly 90% of your cells are microbe-occupied! Although some latest research suggests that the previously suggested 10:1 ratio is now closer to being roughly equal: 30 trillion human cells to 40 trillion bacterial cells (Sender, Fuchs and Milo, 2016).

Keeping this in mind, do you believe we shall become a very friendly host and strive to live in symbiosis with our microbial (the friendly kind) residents? You bet your health! The good news is that someone who understands the microbiome very thoroughly has created skincare that will keep your microbes happy and in balance. The brains behind the probiotics skincare TULA is Dr. Raj, a board certified gastroenterologist and internist. This skincare is pretty much food for your skin containing not only the probiotics but also blueberry, turmeric, flaxseed, white tea, chicory root, apple extract, rice nutripeptides and vitamins A, C and E. These nutrients were carefully selected as they play a vital role in keeping your skin healthy, nourished, hydrated, balanced, youthful, and clear while shielding you from free radicals and reducing the inflammation, sensitivity and redness.

Moreover, the ingredients are very clean and 100% free from mineral oil, propylene glycol, petrolatum, phthalates, parabens, gluten and animal testing.

As a proud owner of a very moody and sensitive skin, I like waking up every morning knowing that my skin will awake happy, healthy + vibrant. And this won’t change no matter what my day brings on. TULA keeps my skin balanced and nourished day and night and as a nerdy doctor of clinical nutrition I am very selective about what I let touch my skin.

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2 Responses to "Probiotic Skin Care"
  1. I never knew until you mentioned that probiotics not only promotes good bacteria from within but also protects you from the outside invaders in a form of toxins, chemicals, free radicals, and the like. I’m currently in the quest of choosing the rightful regimen for my face and I heard about topical probiotics skincare. I’ll go check it out myself online and see what these products have to offer to maintain my soft and bright skin.

    • Hi Elsa,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Let us know how your quest goes and if you decide to try topical probiotic skincare. It is as important to nourish the skin from within with proper nutrients provided by whole foods and hydrating well of course. Well-fitting skincare routine is, however, an essential part of taking care of your body and it is fantastic that you are seeking that rightful regimen for yourself!Keep us posted.