Nadia Taiga


Project Management Director

After a successful accomplishment with the big and very stressed project I was totally destroyed: felt tired, had some diseases exacerbation, had up and down mood and easily caught flu and bronchitis. It was obvious my immune system became weak and hormones were unbalanced.  One and a half years ago we have started the first program with Dana and after three months taking supplements, that were carefully chosen by Dana, I felt much more active. As the second step, Dana upgraded the program focusing to increase my immune system and viruses resistance. It’s a first time in my life when for more than an year I didn’t have none flu, cold, running nose or cough. I am full of energy, easily get up at 5 am for morning running and yoga routine and the whole day stay active, balanced and positive. I feel really blessed having Dana as my nutritionist whom I could contact any time with any question about my health and diet. I highly recommend Dana to those who are looking for a healthy and balanced lifestyle and like me thinks that the most wise investment we can do is to invest in our health first.