After a successful accomplishment with the big and very stressed project I was totally destroyed: felt tired, had some diseases exacerbation, had up and down mood and easily caught flu and bronchitis. It was obvious my immune system became weak and hormones were unbalanced.  One and a half years ago we have started the first program with Dana and after three months taking supplements, that were carefully chosen by Dana, I felt much more active. As the second step, Dana upgraded the program focusing to increase my immune system and viruses resistance. It’s a first time in my life when for more than an year I didn’t have none flu, cold, running nose or cough. I am full of energy, easily get up at 5 am for morning running and yoga routine and the whole day stay active, balanced and positive. I feel really blessed having Dana as my nutritionist whom I could contact any time with any question about my health and diet. I highly recommend Dana to those who are looking for a healthy and balanced lifestyle and like me thinks that the most wise investment we can do is to invest in our health first.

Nadia Taiga, Project Management Director 

Dana is an intelligent and highly trained professional Licensed Nutritionist. She helped me to not only lose weight, gain strength and assist in clearing of a long term GI Issue (diverticulitis) but also helped me learn how to eat properly for a lifetime of health. She cares about her clients and makes it easy to ” want ” to improve… creating a true learning environment. I highly recommend her service to anyone serious about improving their health and learning to live life to its fullest!

D.T., LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) 

As a professional athlete, I have consulted with many different nutritionists and health experts for many years to keep me in top shape prior to working with Dana. When I started working with her, my experience was completely different on many levels. I trusted her with my health and never doubted her expertise. She listened and explained things in ways I could understand – it all made sense to me. I did doubt myself, however, and felt broken, as my health was not dialed in 100% and I really did not think I was going to make it through the hockey season. I often compare that experience to the battlefield and Dana was able to go into combat with me, walking me through this over the telephone day by day while I was on the other side of the world on a completely different continent. We had to adjust and come up with creative solutions to make things work but I started feeling better only two weeks into my personal program that Dana created for me. I had better energy, faster recovery and was also able to sleep much better because my pain was decreasing. It was very challenging because I was playing and trying to recover at the same time due to the training and game schedule demands. I can honestly say that she is the only one I would trust my health with when it comes to this field. She really loves what she does and is dedicated to her work and committed her patients.

Fedor Fedorov, Professional Athlete

Dana was recommended to me by an acquaintance and I decided to meet with her. During our sessions we also started working on hormonal troubles that I had during the last year. Dana took a very integrative approach to my treatment, touching on all aspects of my life, routine, exercise, diet, life events, etc. I think that is the key when working with a specialist. She is an expert in nutrition and is very knowledgeable in medicine, I could tell how she had ideas right away without the need to get back to me or investigate. Of course for more complex and non-trivial questions or troubles I had, she would take some time and get back to me very promptly (same day or within a day.) I really liked that. She also is very easy to communicate with and makes you feel comfortable. I have resolved one of the major troubles that I had (hormonal, plus iron deficiency anemia) that we discovered along the way. I still very often reach out to her and meet for consults. She is a great specialist that would give you advice around the clock! I think the key is that I would definitely recommend Dana to my closest family and friends.

V.D., Product Manager 

Dear Ms. Filatova,

I wanted to reach out to you and let you know how incredibly thankful I am to have found you and used your services. For the past 3 years I’ve met every specialist I could find to try and figure out how to treat my severe case of ulcerative colitis. In fact, the last doctor told me that I’d have to be put on chemo for the rest of my life. You have been the only person that have suggested that we find the cause for my illness instead of treating the symptoms blindly. You are one of those very special (and might I add extinct) doctors that tries to find the underlying cause. I’ve always believed that a great doctor listens and that’s how medical miracles happen… and you truly listened and most of all you cared. I wanted to reach out to you and let you know, because I have no doubt in my mind that I probably wouldn’t be here today without you.
S. D., Marketing Director  

I came to see Dana in 2013. As a professional athlete, I have always been physically active and knew how to train myself to get better results. Nutrition, however, has always been a challenge for me: not enough knowledge and discipline to eat healthy to provide a good quality of macronutrients for my hard training and individual needs. Dana, who is very professional and knowledgeable about nutrition helped me to get in my best shape ever. With her nutritional plan I changed my body composition: I decreased my body fat from 20% to 16.6%; I increased my lean muscle mass from 99.7 lbs to 102.8 lbs. in 2 months. She provided a plenty of great and very easy to follow recipes. I loved each of them. I am still using her nutritional recommendations, staying in touch with her and feeling great!!!! Thank you Dana!!!!

L.N., Former Olympic Athlete 

For seven years, Henry has been suffering from pain and  bloating in his lower abdomen, daily diahrea, weekly vomiting and a weakened immune system. He saw so many doctors over the years and had numerous tests – endoscopy, colonoscopy, swallowed a camera, sonograms, blood tests, allergy scratch tests, stool samples… He had numerous rounds of medications and antibiotics. The symptoms would sometimes improve slightly, but he still suffered daily. Dana discussed Henry‘s symptoms and diet. She did extensive blood work and recommended a comprehensive stool test. The results showed that he had some serious health issues that needed to be addressed. Dana created a very detailed plan of supplements and therapeutic diet. Henry‘s symptoms have improved greatly. If he’s very careful with what he eats and if he takes his supplements as instructed, he feels a  lot better. When Henry repeated his blood work, his results were significantly better. Dana is very easy to work with. She’s very thorough and responsive. I would highly recommend her. B. O., Henry’s Mom