“Because Diet Is Not A Fashion Statement and Health Is Always En Vogue…”

Put Down The Meal Plan. You Want To Finally Feel and See The Results?

The First Thing We Need To Do Is Crack The Code To Your Body + Its Unique Optimal Function.

Your body is more than a meal plan.

Your body is more than the lab results that came back from your doctor + say everything is “normal”, even though you know something is still isn’t right.

Your body is a complex living creation equipped with a human heart filled with emotions and a chameleon pulse – calmly steady or elevated with joy depending on your environment.

When You Look In The Mirror, Your Body Should Bring A Sense Of Proud Ownership.

And No Meal Plan Will Ever Help You Do That.

You’ve got one body this life…

Do you know how to look after it?
Do you know what makes it function optimally?
Do you know how to run performance + maintenance checks on it?

If you are anything like me, when your parents took you home from the hospital on your birthday they did not get an operations manual for your body. 

The symptoms you are feeling are the warning signs and your body sending you a message that something is not right, and together we will decode the message to understand what is it your body is trying to say. 

Let’s Decrypt Your Unique Body Code Together And Finally Get The Results You’re After.

How It Works:

We start with a 90 minute consult.

We talk about you, YOUR health + lifestyle hiSTORY + what’s going on.

I start preliminary assessment {discovery} of this information.

I might suggest further {functional diagnostic} testing to get more information + evaluate your current health status.

I put on my Sherlock Holmes Deerstalker Hat and begin the investigation.

Behind the scenes, I evaluate, assess + investigate your relevant history, diet, symptoms, potential nutritional deficiencies, nutrient-medication interactions + depletions, and align the collected data with your health status.

At This Point, I’ve Collected Multiple Pieces Of Your Health Puzzle And I’m Assembling It Into The Big Picture: Your Unique Body Code.

We’ll get to the ROOT CAUSE(s) of your condition(s) and I’ll create your personalized solution.
We assess your goals and will work together to get you there.

I’m Going To Level With You Here.

The underlying causes of your condition likely took a significant amount of time to develop.
This means getting results is going to take time.

Your Body Needs Time To Heal.

Results Need Time To Show.

Staying Patient + Learning How to Read Your Body’s Code Would be Required.

Together, we’ll create your unique Body Instructional Manual based on your personal and individual makeup and experiences. Yes, you CAN instruct your body to heal and believe it or not the food you eat provides information to the operating processes.

Your Life{style} Is Unique.
Your Body Is Unique.
Your {Medical} Nutrition {Therapy} Is Unique.

Let’s Crack The Code To Your Body’s Unique Functioning This Lifetime.


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